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What is WordPress Website Management?

WordPress website management is essential to success online. Performing regular maintenance protects your site for the long-term. Too often are websites succumbed to what seems an eternity of updates, insatiable loading times, or potentially worse security breaches. Renewal Digital has developed a series of website management Care Plans to allow businesses to rest assured that their website receives check-ups and performance improvements on a monthly basis.

Website Management Security

Running an ecommerce forward, membership driven, or database reliant business? Site security is essential to protecting revenue generating assets such as these. Being that WordPress is the most popular content management system globally, it has become a target for malicious attacks. Having a security plugin installed is of utmost value, however parts of WordPress can not be protected. Security breaches can occur through plugin installs, targeting the WordPress login system, etc. Plugins in particular pose a threat as there is little to no way to know of the exact code being installed on your website. If standard practices are not followed, hackers will be sure to identify such security weaknesses. There is great news however, the team behind WordPress is constantly working to send out WordPress Core updates that patch such breaches. A regularly scheduled maintenance plan ensures that these updates are installed in a timely manner. Further, scheduled website management gives the opportunity to have a plan and digital team at hand if your website security is ever breached.

WordPress security


Investing hours of time and thousands of dollars into a website for progress to be lost is incredibly frustrating. As a secondary saving measure, scheduled backups aid in reducing the amount of work lossed when something evidently does go wrong. Scheduled WordPress website management allows business owners to rest assured that a plan is instilled to resort upon. Technology is not perfect, nor are the humans using it. Hardware and software corruption is bound to happen. Servers are likely to crash when uploading or saving an extensive project. Power outages seem to occur at the worst time possible. Self admittedly, humans forget to press the save button. When such events happen, having the security that a backup was created leaves businesses resting assured. Save the time and expense of starting over and instead build from a starting point saved automatically during the day.



Find the WordPress Website Maintenance Plan For You

Uptime Monitoring

Site Monitoring with Website Management

Awareness of your website’s uptime is essential to delivering the best experience to your customers. Websites that are down for extensive amounts of time can become costly. With WordPress website management, uptime monitoring alerts our team and yours. Best of all, having a communicative website management team gets your site back to running as quickly as possible.

Site Speed

Time has tested that updated websites run incredibly faster than those left to collect dust. Regularly scheduled website management reduces bloat by updating, optimizing, and cleansing a website. WordPress Core updates, as well as plugin updates become overwhelming when left to pile up. Over time, unoptimized images and content become burdens on your website’s overall performance. Effort to optimize and remove unneeded content and media greatly improves your website’s operating speed and is essential to a scheduled maintenance plan. Best of all, customers are more likely to engage with a speedy website. Quick page loading times create a lasting impression on customers. A poorly optimized website is not worth sacrificing leads and future business. Run a quick Google Page Speed analysis to gauge your current standings.

DIY Website Management

A website management plan can be built internally and self-maintained. Gauging to do the former, or opting to hire out the work can be a tough decision. When building a WordPress website management plan considering cost and a generous time-investment is forefront. Software will need to be purchased to execute diagnostics and perform bulk editing. Most software is billed as a subscription, adding to the on-going cost of monthly maintenance. Hours will need to be invested every month to update, optimize, and clean your website from top to bottom. A thorough understanding of website security is also required to identify and correct any potential issues. Additionally, knowing how to improve page speed and perform sitewide optimization is incredibly important. Having the flexibility to adopt and practice great content management, with regard to proper SEO is also necessary when building a website management plan.

WordPress website management

Care Plans

WordPress Website Management Packages

Renewal Digital has developed a series of website management plans, called Care Plans, for those looking to hire out regular maintenance. Care Plans take the hassle out of website management, instead providing businesses the time savings they need to continue doing the most important work. Care Plans include dedicated consultation sessions to keep businesses up to date with the status of the website. In addition, having a website management team on standby proves valuable if site downtime ever occurs. Care Plans are an all-rounded solution to website management including uptime monitoring, security implementations, performance adjustments, reliable backups, and much more. Most importantly, forming a lasting relationship with Renewal Digital as your digital marketing expert ensures that your business’ online needs are consistently tended to.

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