What Is Content Marketing?

Digital Marketing  |  April 14, 2022   | Evan Caulfield

What is content marketing? A question that has haunted the marketing industry for decades. What if you could learn what content marketing is, why to use it, and how to do it all in one blog post? That would be pretty great, wouldn’t it? Well congratulations, you’ve found the guide you’ve been looking for!

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What Is Content Marketing?

Having superb content is one of the best ways to market your product. In the industry, strategy developed through content production is known as content marketing. Meaning, marketers will create various forms of content to distribute to potential customers in order to grow the following of a brand. Content marketing is great because it is a primary factor in organic traffic growth towards your website. A great content marketing strategy will help strengthen the bond an audience feels towards the mission and vision of a business. It is also a great way to maintain current customers by providing up to date information regarding company brand and active product or service developments.

Why Use Content Marketing?

Content marketing is one of the most enjoyable strategy types out there! Since the central idea of strategy development is to promote a business’ brand, company owners find themselves familiar with the work without the need for a learning curve. Unlike SEO and other strategies that are quite technical in nature, content marketing focuses on the creativity and appeal of the text, videos, posts, etc. to various audiences. People that are like-minded to a business and its brand will begin to follow, even if they don’t have an intent to buy at that moment in time. Similar to how a business promotional video on a homepage introduces humanistic qualities to a website, content marketing promotes insight into how your brand develops its product and services. Customers tend to trust brands further when they are able to engage with the new and exciting developments of a business.  Content marketing is focused on giving to an audience. Consumers need to buy into the brand of a business prior to buying a product or service. Loyal audiences want to support businesses that benefit themselves, and content marketing is simply a reflection of this consumer desire. Offline marketing and ad spend generates awareness of a business, but not a consistent following. A consistent following carries the growth of a brand, and consumer loyalty will keep exponentially scale as a content marketing strategy expands.

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Keep Your Content Fresh

Optimization and SEO strategies for your website are great. However at the end of the day, great content will always surmount technical optimization. If a website has awful content, then SEO will do nothing to fix the amount of visitors engaging with your site. Unique and pleasant copy results in a lesser bounce rate and additional organic site visitors. Natural growth in acquisition allows for long-term relationships to be established with customers in order to promote recurring business. Whereas alternatives such as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can be great for bringing in customers initially, organic traffic aids most in generating a sustainable stream of income.

Content Marketing To Earn Organic Traffic

Organic growth stems from exceptional content that meets the desires of your business’ audience. Through a diverse content marketing strategy, you’ll likely find that traffic routes its way towards your brand through multiple channels. Even consider repurposing old content into a different medium to save time and money. Whether through search engines, social media, or paid ads, organic growth happens as implied: organically. Unfortunately, there is no set secret or uncovered strategy to promote natural brand and website growth. Sticking to a regular posting schedule with an array of niche-related content on topics that a business’ audience is interested in is the most tried and true method to grow. Experimenting with different content mediums is also a great way to keep an audience engaged. Depending on demographics and interests, audiences will interact and pay attention to certain mediums over others. Various software exists nowadays that allows for A/B testing when content marketing on a large scale, but for most small businesses simply comparing which content forms your current (and desired) audience interacts with most is normally the most efficient route towards success.

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