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Many businesses today are in need of a website redesign. It is essential that your website stays up to date with best practices, accurately reflects your brand, and generates leads. Business owners are prompted with a choice: to improve their current website or build a new one from the ground up. Factors including budget, goals, time investment, and project scope all contribute to how your business handles a website redesign. Refining an existing website is best for those seeking surface level improvements such as a changing a color palette to match a new brand, or integrating new logos and page content. It is vital to gauge the size of a redesign project. In regard to substantial changes such as site speed improvements, search engine optimization, and page restructuring it is likely to be more affordable and efficient to build a new website

To know if your website is ready for a redesign, consider if it is an accurate representation of your brand, is an enjoyable experience for your customers, and is performing at its best.

Reflect Your Brand

Website Redesigns Reflect Brands

Many business owners opt for a website redesign to stay consistent to their brand. When a rebrand occurs, websites tend to need a refresh to match a company’s new look. As a business owner, take the opportunity to make exciting new changes to your digital presence. A website redesign opens for the ability to build that customer portal, ecommerce store, or membership infrastructure you’ve always wanted. Your brand is constantly changing, a website redesign helps take a company of years ago and transform it to the business you’re proud of today. 

Building brand recognition and retaining quality leads is essential to online success. To achieve this, websites must represent what makes your current brand incredibly unique and better than a competitor. With a polished website redesign every page is likely to become the impact needed to gather new leads for your business.


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Website Redesigns are Consistent

Outdated websites tend to lose track of brand specific styling and best practices. It is not uncommon to see mismatching headers, footers, and even body text between website pages. Not only are customers discouraged from purchasing from your business, but many may believe they are being redirected to malicious websites if the difference is significant enough. A website redesign allows for pages to be designed in unison and styled to match one another. Too often are valuable leads lost due to inconsistent pages.

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Site Speed

Website Redesigns Are Great For Speed Improvements

Your business’ website needs to be performing at the fastest rate possible. Website visitors are instantly discouraged when there is an extended load time for a page. Bounce rates are destined to climb, leaving your business with less of a chance to form an impact on a potential customer. Improving site speed is best done during a website redesign. Techniques such as image optimization, minimizing code, and hosting videos on external platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo can improve your website speed. One of the best ways to check your current page speed standings is to use Google Page Speed Insights which provides a thorough analysis of key loading times. Google Page Speed provides technical information such as first and largest contentful paints, as well as detailed diagnostics . For a simple analysis, noting the score of your website on desktop and mobile is a great starting point. Considering site speed improvements during a website redesign is vital to online success.

Higher Search Engine Ranking

First page rankings on Google and in other search engines is a primary goal for many businesses. To achieve such rankings, businesses use search engine optimization (SEO.) Along with factors such as site speed, great SEO has the ability to take a website from little to no organic traffic to ranking within the top ten websites for a specific keyword. Although no easy task, SEO is easiest to implement during a website redesign. Chances are page content is either getting rewritten or edited to reflect your modern-day brand. Building strong website SEO during a website redesign can turn the simplistic content into organic advertising that brings in additional site traffic.

Generic Online Presence

Fix A Generic Look with a Website Redesign

Website redesigns bring light to an issue many business owners face: their website isn’t unique. Your website needs to be an experience for your customers. To create this experience, either hiring out a website designer or learning what makes a great user-experience (UX) will best benefit your website. Unique websites are designed with the consumer in mind, while still preserving the roots of a brand. In addition to UX, branding elements such as color palette, logo, typography, artwork play are quintessential to an attractive website redesign. Lasting impressions made on customers turn a generic website into a unique lead generating machine. Run of the mill websites are superbly evident, by standing out from the competition your brand is more likely to stay memorable.  

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A website redesign has the potential to distinguish a good business from a great one. Considering if your current website reflects your brand, is performing at its best, and generates the best experience for your customers is an essential step in deciding on a website redesign. We know these questions are tough to answer, that’s why we’re here to help. Reach out to a trusted consultant today to find out about your next website redesign.


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