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Failing to deliver a quick and effective user experience to website visitors can be a detriment to how well your website converts visitors into leads. Below are some of the most pivotal website optimization strategies to maximize your website’s potential of turning site visitors into paying customers.

Website Homepage Optimization Strategies

Home vs Landing Pages

Understanding the difference between home and landing pages is incredibly beneficial when evaluating which website optimization strategies to implement. In short, homepages serve as the most general first impression of your business. Homepages help companies convey their skillset, brand, experience, and ultimately the value delivered to their customer. Given the right context, homepages can also act as an index for the rest of your website. Gravitating the eye of a site visitor towards different call to actions on a homepage helps direct traffic to the inner sales and landing pages found throughout the rest of your site.

Being that not every site visitor needs to spend their time on your homepage, having additional landing pages to continue funneling website traffic to your sales copy and other internal content is a great strategy to implement. We use landing pages to provide intentional site visitors the information and next steps needed to continue moving through the sales funnel. Landing pages must be heavily optimized for keywords to maximize results from this sort of page hierarchy. Search engines seek to provide the most accurate page to their users and having a search engine optimized landing page helps to best position your site to appear highly in the SERPs. Find out some more tips and tricks on how to rank highly on Google search.

Homepage Design

Homepages do not need to convey the life story of your company, this mistake is made way too often. Keep pages clear, concise, and simple to allow for any site visitor to understand your business and its associated values. 

Avoid Passive and Purposeless Text

In the past we’ve seen homepages simply written to meet word counts for SEO purposes. Nowadays the majority of highly ranking homepages are incredibly minimal in content due to improved SEO strategy happening on pages layered further in the website. Page copy should be expertly written by a copywriter trained in your niche to best convey your brand to its intended audience. 

Foster a Longer Dwell Time

Rankings are dramatically improved when site visitors choose to stay on your site for longer. Again, search engines want to display the most applicable information possible to their users and dwell time plays a huge role in indicating quality page content.

Website Content Optimization Strategies

Website Content Optimization Strategies

Homepages are in most cases the first point of contact a potential customer will make with your brand. One of the best website optimization strategies is to highlight company strengths and unique selling proposition (USP) in order to promote site impressions. To do so, display company values at the forefront of the page. This can incorporate your tagline as mentioned in our previous blog post

Connect to Consumer Pain Points

Demonstrate the importance of your brand and why your solution(s) should be the most clear choice for a potential customer. How does your brand solve the consumer’s problem? Beyond making money and selling a product, what is your reasoning for being in business? We see this most often labeled as identifying your “Why.” Communicate passion for the brand throughout the homepage. 

Customers Merit an Original USP

State the unique selling proposition of your company. This may be competitively affordable prices, product necessity, usability, etc. Whatever has given your existing brand an edge over the competition should be included in a USP.

Minimalist homepages are great – that is for brands that specialize in simplifying customer lives. Bold and loud designs are great – for businesses that specialize in exciting their audience. Notice the pattern? Match the homepage and overall design of your website with a suiting aesthetic. To understand the style of design best for your business, pay primary attention to your audience. What age group are you catering to? What would your customers like to see? What draws them in? 

Promote Exceptional User Experience

Your website needs to have clear navigation, occasionally paired with search functions, to promote a seamless flow to guide site visitors from one part to another with ease. Once familiar with site navigation, customers tend to come to your website with a specific purpose in mind. That purpose may be to buy an item, to read a blog post, purchase a service, or to find more information. Putting a substantial effort into clear navigation towards pivotal site pages such as these is well-worth the effort in the long term. Very few customers want to spend excess time navigating through pages. A website should be able to metaphorically read the mind of a site visitor and naturally guide them towards what they are looking for.

Earn Repeat Customers

When working to implement website optimization strategies, you probably envision loyal customers that stick around and take full advantage of your site regularly. In addition to building organic traffic, creating an incentive for site users can aid greatly. Start by getting customers to sign up on a mailing list in exchange for a coupon code, free knowledge materials, etc. Advertising such incentives on a homepage allow customers to act quickly in adding their email to your mailing list. You can also have incentives like “new products every week” or “new guest posts every month.” Have something front and center that your audience will want to come back for.

Website Design Optimization Strategies

Website Design Optimization Strategies

I know we talked about using design to fit your aesthetic, but don’t over-do it. This can be a common problem for ecommerce brands. If you have a wide selection of things to sell, it can be difficult to categorize them in a clean way. Keep your homepage clean and simple. You want your customers to buy from you, enjoy the site, and be relaxed while using it. This can only be achieved if you have a clean and operational homepage. Remember, less is more in regard to homepage design. You’ll also want a few call-to-action buttons on your homepage. If you’re interested in learning more about what makes a great call-to-action, check out our post here. Alternatively, if you are looking for Raleigh NC search engine optimization, then simply get in contact with us.

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