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Internships, RP, Website Design  |  July 27, 2021   | Ashton Principe


This week sure was a lot of learning, especially in regard to website design. Between starting my Renewal Digital internship learning to be a Webmaster, keeping up with school, work, and beginning more courses I found myself incredibly busy. However, every moment spent working for Renewal Digital during my busy week has been immensely rewarding. Working with Evan to explore the company, begin with new software, and to refresh my knowledge of WordPress; I have found myself learning at every moment.

Learning Renewal Digital


Key to this week was learning who Renewal Digital is and what services they provide. With an emphasis on SEO, website design, and creating products that convert visitors to customers, Renewal Digital, a website design company located in Fuquay-Varina, NC, proved valuable in the skill sets and knowledge that I could gain. Evan, the CEO of Renewal Digital, has been an epicenter of knowledge, experience, and happiness that any intern would appreciate.

Intro to Website Design

Evan has been open to allowing me to grow in my responsibilities with the company and has begun to open up many avenues for my work. Between supplying me access to various WordPress themes, design software, and project management tools I am beginning to feel a part of the team. So far my responsibilities have been education focused, with most of my time being spent practicing with Divi on my own personal website as well as being introduced and prompted to other seemingly key pieces of software vital to my success as an intern.

Learning Customer Interaction

Evan has also been introducing me to more customer-orientated work. Whether it be through reviewing the content on websites or learning about various organizations, I have been delighted to have value to the company. Compared to the stereotypical internship where an individual is the errand-runner of the office, working with Renewal Digital has proven to be dramatically different.


Evan is extremely appreciative of the work I return and always provides great feedback and advice on where I can improve. He is also willing to invest the time and resources into me in order to grow myself as not only an intern, but as a student and colleague. I have been overjoyed working with Renewal Digital thus far and am looking forward to the outstanding time ahead!

Ashton Principe

About the author

Ashton Principe is a student and digital consultant at Renewal Digital. He is interested in copywriting, as well as WordPress design and development. He enjoys learning the industry looks forward to sharing his findings with others.

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