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Web Design  |  April 28, 2022   | Evan Caulfield

In our digital era we are on our smartphones constantly. We can do pretty much anything from them and that includes shopping and looking at business websites. This means that web mobile optimization must be a top priority when it comes to improving the user experience (UX) of your website. Oftentimes business owners think their website will smoothly transfer over to a mobile phone, yet that is not normally the case. Even though a site might look great on a computer, the same cannot always be said at responsive resolutions.

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Designing For Mobile Web

It’s easy for websites to appear cluttered on mobile devices. A site may be perfectly spaced out and clutter free on a computer, but appear disarranged on a phone or tablet. As screen size decreases, less content weighs more in terms of UX. Maintain the same quality of content at a reduced quantity presented. A reduced quantity of information aids greatly creating a clean and simple design.

Site Speed Web Mobile Optimization

Beyond design, how well does your website load? No one wants to wait forever for a web page to load on their screen. To prevent increased load times, make sure to apply website optimization strategies to have the fastest site speed possible. Users will enjoy using your website more, which generally leads to a gain in loyal customers and followers.

Web to Mobile Design

Your desktop design may seem to perfectly express everything about your online brand. Stay intentional to prevent a mobile site from differing greatly from its desktop counterpart. A website should maintain consistency to the brand it represents without jarring a mobile device screen. There will be content differences between desktop and mobile but by keeping page structure the same, users are presented with an intuitive solution to cluttered web mobile design.

Model After Social Media

A great way to reduce the bounce rate of your website on mobile is by organizing it to look and feel like a social media platform. Everyone looks at social media primarily on their phones, so viewing your website should be no different. Make the website accessible to endless scrolling and the addictive nature that comes with social media sites.

Also, consider if you need an app. You may not if your site is mainly informational. However if a lot of your interactive content is on the site, you may want to consider creating an app for your customers.

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Test Your Optimized Mobile Website

Test your site with Google’s mobile friendly tool. This can tell you how it looks on a mobile device and what you should switch around to make it look better. This is a great way to know immediately if your website is optimized for mobile use.

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