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Does your business appear as a top listing on Google? If not, you’re not alone. Renewal Digital is the right choice for your business to ensure your SEO needs are met. We aim to be the web design company that best supports your business.

Key Phrase Creation

A large portion of our time here at Renewal Digital is spent learning the tricks and trade of SEO marketing. We not only use our knowledge to grow your business, but our business too. Optimizing for key phrases such as “web design company near me” help us reach individuals looking for that particular service. When writing our various website content between page paragraphs and blog posts, we are constantly working to optimize and grow the ranking of

Target a Specific Niche

We can do the same for your business, we find and rank the best key phrases for your company’s particular niche and optimize site content to suit those keywords and keyphrases. Although phrases such as “web design company near me” are hard to rank highly for mainly due to the phrase occurring more often throughout Google, we are still able to optimize to increase our chances of being found. SEO optimization for your direct target audience is where most will find Renewal Digital’s SEO service to be most effective. When we target a specific niche, such as in the example of “web design company near me” we could optimize for “web design company in Fuquay-Varina.” This direct target to our local area allows Google to create a localized connection from us to our surrounding small and medium sized businesses.

Stay Relevant

When optimizing for SEO content, we also want to include relevancy to a business. Although “web design company near me” works to suit Renewal Digital, we could become more specific with “web marketing company near me.” Since Renewal Digital provides digital marketing services that include websites, we are able to grow specifics to our brand. In the same sense, for a client’s business we want to create connections to what the brand wants to be known for. The difference between finding relevant keywords and keywords that describe your brand is important to note.

Speak Your Brand's Voice

When working with Renewal Digital to optimize your website’s content, we not only help solve lead generation problems but are able to provide a larger foundation for your business to grow upon. We ensure that our search engine optimized content is right for your brand’s voice. We never want key phrases to be intrusive to the messages we are trying to convey. Instead we integrate these phrases and highlight words that best describe who we are to our customers as well to search engines.

How does Renewal Digital do it?

Although Renewal Digital creates websites, we optimize for so many more key phrases besides “web design company near me.” We do this to encapsulate the Renewal Digital brand voice and scope. Our goal is to appear for multiple key phrases such as “digital marketing agency fuquay”, or “wordpress website design.” We could’ve opted to center our SEO work around just one of these phrases, but we would not have properly identified the Renewal Digital brand. There is importance in keywords and phrases that speak who your brand is, not just what products or services your business provides.

Use This Post as a Starting Example

If you’re looking to grow upon your existing content then writing blog posts such as these is a great place to start. As a reader, were you able to recognize the repetition of “web design company near me” throughout this post? Prior to writing we planned to create an entire page of content centered around this phrase. Working as an active example of our SEO service, this key phrase provides an additional attachment to our complex web of keywords that drive our own website up the rankings. Find your next powerful keyphrase today with Renewal Digital.

Ashton Principe

About the author

Ashton Principe is a student and digital consultant at Renewal Digital. He is interested in copywriting, as well as WordPress design and development. He enjoys learning the industry looks forward to sharing his findings with others.

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