Google SEO – How Google Displays Search Results

RP, SEO  |  July 10, 2020   | Nicole Karwowski
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Google, I use it every single day, multiple times a day. What did people do when it was not around? How did they survive? How long did it take them to find an answer we now get with a click of a button?  The majority, about 65%, of internet users are using Google over Bing (33%) and other search engines. Since Google is the most popular among people, I think I should explain its breakdown. After typing in your question or a keyword phrase and clicking the search button, you will see different responses to your inquiry. This page is called a Search Engine Results Page, or otherwise known as SERP. Who would have thought this page has a specific name? Weird, right?

Advertisements are the first thing I notice after I click enter to continue with my search. Obviously, these are called ads, but they are also known as AdWords or pay for clicks (PPCs). The ads, which I think is pretty self-explanatory, are paid for by businesses that want to be found. The most relevant  PPC’s can be found at the top of the results page. An ad that is located at the bottom of the page, means that it is not as important or relevant as the others. Some results include a map, which is also known as a 3 pack. The responses in this area are based on your location, meaning they are most relevant or closest to you and your area.

The actual responses that most people look for are called Organic Listings. There are 10 organic listings on each page and the higher up a business is, the better they Search Engine Optimized (SEO) their site. In short, the breakdown of Google order is, ads – 3 pack – 10 organic listings – ads. Just something you should be aware of, it doesn’t matter how money you spend or pay someone, it will not get you to the top of the organic listings! If you pay to promote your business, that is considered an ad. The only way you can get to the top of the organic listing, is if you actually put in the effort and search engine optimize (SEO) your content.

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