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Have a Convincing Tagline

Stand Out

In business, your brand has to stand out. If you’re not memorable, even if people like your content, they won’t come back because they won’t remember what you’re called, the services and products you offer, and the overall values of the company. Formulate a tagline that imprints on your audience.

What is a tagline? 

A tagline is a catchy slogan that encompasses an ideal from your brand and stays with your customers after they’ve exited out of your website. Most successful businesses have a tagline. It’s the glue that holds the marketing for your brand together. Taglines deliver a clear thought in a brief message that encompasses the brand’s vision. Your tagline should be repeated on your website and memorable to the viewer. 

What Goes Into a Good Tagline?

Let’s talk about what makes up a good tagline. A bad tagline can add nothing but clutter to your website, whereas a good tagline can be the reason customers remember your business.

Simplicity is Key 

To start, make sure your tagline is short and sweet. No one has time to memorize or relate to a long tagline. You want your business to stick in the customer’s mind. Make your tagline only a few words and only one sentence. The fewer words, the better. Some of the most popular taglines are only 3 words. For example, Nike’s tagline is “Just Do It”. It’s simple, effective, and encompasses what the brand is about. Since they're a sportswear brand, the tagline tells you they’re results oriented, as you would expect a physical brand to be. 

Avoid Clichés

Clichés are heard everywhere. They’re not memorable and will not stick with you for the long run. They’ll never be a strongly associated phrase with your business. Get straight to the point and navigate away from the clichés. 

Stick Out from the Competition

Another great concept for taglines is to communicate a quality about your site that differs from your competitors. For example, Verizon’s tagline is “Can You Hear Me Now?” It’s unique and memorable, but still a common phrase that we all often say when we have a bad phone connection. 

Value your Brand

Think about the value of your brand. What about your product or service will make customers want to buy from you? How will it improve your customer’s daily lives? Another example of brands incorporating value into their site can be found with Walmart’s tagline, “Save Money. Live Better.” Here the customers know exactly what they’re going to get from this store. They know that they’re going to get big savings and that those savings will then improve their life. For Walmart’s tagline, it is technically two sentences, however, they’re short and the break in between emphasizes their point.

Story tell with Taglines

Next, even though your tagline is short, make it tell a story. Think about why you’re passionate about your business. Take that emotion and bottle it into a tagline. Take Disney World’s tagline, “Where Dreams Come True.” This phrase encapsulates the childlike wonder of the theme park, the endless possibilities that come from it, and the emotion you feel when you think nostalgically about your time at the park. 

Kay jewelry, their slogan is “Every Kiss Begins with Kay”. It’s clever and you may not notice right away that they said “Kay” rather than “K.” It sticks in your mind after you first hear it because it’s got a bit of wit to it. Other brands have similar catchy slogans that are clever or funny in nature. Think about how to make your tagline, short, sweet, and creative in format. 


Our Tagline

Our tagline at Renewal Digital is “Marketing that Works for You™”. This delivers the value of our brand, a unique quality about us, and how it will help the customer. Marketing can be a daunting task that feels more like work than reward. However, when working with us, we make marketing simple and able to work for you and your business. This is all communicated through our short and effective tagline. 

What to Do with Your Tagline

Practical Tagline Applications

Now that you’ve crafted the perfect tagline, what do you do with it? Where do you put it? The answer- everywhere. To have your brand stick in the minds of your customers, use it in all of your ads, whether they’re written or virtual. You’ll find that many brands pair up their tagline with their logo.

Repeat Branding

Take All State for instance. This insurance brand uses two open hands as their logo and their tagline is “You’re in Good Hands.” This repeat imagery stays in your mind. You’ll find that many companies use their tagline in their printed ads, logos, commercials, and on their website. Start putting your tagline on various parts of your website. Specifically, the home page should showcase your slogan. Also, put your tagline in all of your emails as part of your signature. You want your customers to start relating to your words and holding the message as important and close to them. 

Optimize Your Homepage

In addition to your tagline, your homepage should include a few other features to make it the best it can be.  Any text should be clear and expertly written so that your website visitors know what your company is all about. You want your viewers to stay on your website for as long as possible, so make the homepage inviting to them. 

Create a Lasting Impression

Think of your homepage like your first impression to your viewers. You need to be on your best behavior to impress them and get them to stick around. To make a good impression have a few things front and center.

Showcase Values

To start, have your values on display. This can incorporate your tagline. Demonstrate why you’re a brand and why you want them to be a customer. How will your brand help the consumer? Beyond making money and selling a product, what is your reasoning for doing this? Let your passion for your brand be communicated in this homepage. 

Sell a Distinctive Experience

State the unique selling proposition of your company. This may be your competitive low prices, your necessary and useful product, or whatever else makes your brand stand out from competitors and invites new customers in.

Design for Your Brand

Consider adding design. Minimalist homepages can be nice, but try to match the homepage with your brand’s aesthetic. This can mean adding in fun graphics or keeping it clean and minimal. Slack is a good example of a brand that uses fun graphics and illustrations to catch your eye and make you want to learn more about the site. Knowing your design can be largely based around your audience. What age group are you catering to? What would your customers like to see? What draws them in?

Ease of Use

Your website should have easy navigation, search functions, and a smooth flow to it so you can travel from one part of the site to the next with ease. Customers will come to your website with a specific purpose in mind. That purpose may be to buy an item, to read a blog post, to buy your services, or to find more information. This means you have to make this selection easy to find. No one wants to spend a bunch of time navigating a website trying to find what they’re looking for. Customers want the website to read their minds and have a clear path to what they want.

Build Repeat Customers 


When you make your website, you probably envision loyal customers that stick around and take full advantage of your site regularly. In order to achieve this, you’ll have to create an incentive. Start by getting customers to sign up on a mailing list in exchange for a coupon code. This can be another part of your main homepage, so that customers see the deal right away and are encouraged to sign up. You can also have incentives like “new products every week” or “new guest posts every month.” Have something front and center that your audience will want to come back for. 

Keep it Simple

Less is More

I know we talked about using design to fit your aesthetic, but don’t over-do it. This can be a common problem for e-commerce brands. If you have a wide selection of things to sell, it can be difficult to categorize them in a clean way. Keep your homepage clean and simple. You want your customers to buy from you, enjoy the site, and be relaxed while using it. This can only be achieved if you have a clean and operational homepage. remember that less is more in this case. 

You’ll also want a few call-to-action buttons on your homepage. However, we find this section to be so essential that we are dedicating a whole Blog to it.  

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