Small Business Marketing: A Complete Guide

Digital Marketing  |  May 18, 2022   | Ashton Principe

Almost every founder, CEO, or owner knows that small business marketing must be done, but many are so uncertain on how to get started. Whether your business plans to hire a marketing agency or conduct campaigns in-house, operating on modern online advertising strategy is essential to gaining a competitive edge within your niche or industry.

How To Grow A Small Business

Nowadays, the internet has opened up opportunities for small businesses to overtake industry-dominant competition within just a couple of years. Through cyclical marketing strategies, small business websites are often able to rank highly for both their geolocation and even national or global keywords. Besides SEO, growing a small business is the result of a combined effort to reach a specific audience and provide value to them. Business owners are able to achieve this by leading the operations of their company. Developing a pipeline of consistent products and/or services ultimately keeps customers returning.

When concerned with getting more customers into the door, marketing is the solution. Due to the reduced size of small businesses, their outreach is limited. Whereas big corporations are able to thrive off social proof and word-of-mouth, small businesses must identify, then gather a following of their own to which they can advertise directly towards.

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Business Marketing

Marketing Strategy For Small Business

Small business marketing strategy is a common discussion in which marketers often disagree. One side believes in reducing the number of channels used in hopes to develop quality and impressive campaigns. Contrarily, others believe that spreading out across many different channels exposes a business to more of its audience. So which do you choose?

Well, you shouldn’t have to choose between two opposing extremes. A marketing strategy that is spread across as many channels that your business can comfortably manage and afford is the best way to go. In marketing, quality should not be sacrificed in exchange for quantity. A well-developed, targeted PPC campaign that converts is more valuable than a lackluster combination of social media, PPC, SEO, and content marketing. If a single channel is what your business can manage at a high level in the beginning, that’s OK. Of course, spreading to a wider array of channels in the future wouldn’t be a bad idea. High-quality campaigning that actually converts is what your business needs to grow.

Ideas For Advertising

Small businesses are often hard-pressed when it comes to creative and affordable advertising. Few have budgets for cinema-quality video or global agency brands. That leaves business owners either learning to market their business or finding an outsourced agency partner. Many opt for the latter and find that quality of work suffers the cheaper an agency is. Luckily, there’s a happy medium. Utilizing software, business owners can internalize aspects of their campaign and only pay for a quality agency on the work they can’t or don’t want to do. For instance, social media ads can be easily internalized using Canva. Whereas SEO is often too much to manage for a small business, this work could be outsourced to an agency. In doing so, business owners are only paying for the work they can’t or don’t want to do and are not sacrificing on a campaign’s quality.

Best Way To Market Your Business

Choose the channels that you, the business owner or marketing director, are most familiar with. There is an audience your business can tap into on just about every marketing channel out there, so it really doesn’t matter where you start. Sure there may be more lucrative marketing opportunities out today, but they’ll likely be outdated tomorrow. By sticking to what you are an expert in will provide your team and agency partner the direction needed to grow the audience of your business. Planning to expand into channels where other expert guidance is needed is not a bad idea, but could be the downfall of your business if you do it too early.

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Business Strategies

Advertising Local Business

Embrace the fact that you’re small! You’re one of the nearly 32 million small businesses in the U.S. and should be proud to be a part of this community. Consumers are able to easily tell when a small business is attempting to portray itself as a large corporation. Not only are you hurting your brand image by doing so, but also sacrificing the quality of relationships you could be forming. Many small business owners want to work alongside each other, and very few aim to work alongside a large, competing corporation. Mutual advertising of other fellow small businesses will help you establish your name within the community—beginning the chainlink social proof effect that many larger businesses thrive off of.

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