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What is website leasing?

Website leasing

  • Helps you avoid big upfront costs of building your company website.
  • Gives you a monthly payment plan to build and maintain your site.
  • Allows you to get your site online now.
  • Provides a team with professional guidance every step of the way.
  • Guarantees your new site is accessible and up-to-date with current standards.
  • Has become a common practice for many businesses.
  • Gives you a 100% secure website.
  • Website leasing is a great solution!

Renewal Digital’s Website Leasing Plans

All sites include Search Engine Friendly designs, meaning your site can be found by search engines.



175/mo +

$300 one-time setup fee

  • A great plan for small businesses with a functional, clean design. Great for blogging and keeping your customers up-to-date on your products! 
  • An option for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is available.


400/mo +

$300 one-time setup fee

  • This is a wonderful option for businesses that want to have eCommerce (Shopping Cart) ability.
  • An option for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is available.       

All Leasing plans include:

  • 1 Hour of monthly updates**, minor changes of text or images, you will provide.
  • Hosting on our Business Class Hosting Platform
  • Up To 10 email addresses example: You@YourDomain.com
  • World-Class Technical Support – Fast Response!

**Hours do not carry over month to month

[I think that we should make “Advanced SEO” as an option to all of the above]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are the answers to FAQs about website leasing with Renewal Digital. Feel free to contact us if your question isn’t answered!

How does website leasing work?

We start with a consultation, where you’ll let us know what you need and how we can help. Together, we create a design for your site that best suits your business. From there, agree on a financial plan to help you avoid the huge upfront costs of creating a new, professional, revenue-generating website.

What are the benefits of leasing?

Website leasing gives you long-term benefits of support, frequent updates, and financial stability. With our professional designers on the job, your site will stay up-to-date with the latest updates and technical requirements. Keeping your WordPress Website up to date helps prevent security issues. You can get support from our team whenever you need it. Finally, the financial benefits make it easy for companies of any size to get a beautiful, professional website and pay for it over a period of time. At the end of the rental period you will own the l license to the site, for which we transfer complete ownership to you.

Who owns the website?

Renewal Digital will retain ownership the site during your lease period, though we are guided by you as to what goes on it and how it functions. Once your lease term is up, the site becomes your asset. You can also engage in a new lease agreement with us to maintain the site.

How is the new site secured?

We provide included SSL certificates, ongoing monitoring, and more. We will add one of the top software plugins for website security. In short, your site will be extremely secure.

How much is the setup fee?

There is a one-time Website setup fee of $300, plus a one-time setup fee of $300 for initial Search Engine Optimization.. These setup fees include building your beautiful site and also allows us to optimize it to be the first discovered by search engines!

How many sites can I have per plan?

The plans include one website and up to 5 pages of content that you provide. Pages will contain up to 500 and up to 2 images per page. If your site is doing really well and needs more, we can help you upgrade!

What will my site look like?

We have hundreds of WordPress templates to choose from, so we can customize your site to suit your company’s needs. If you'd prefer, we can create a totally customized site. We’ll also use the most up-to-date design, security, and functionality.

I already own the domain name. Can I transfer it?

Yes, we can help you transfer your domain name to your new site. For Leasing, we will retain control of the Domain and release it to you when the lease period is over and you are fully paid up.

I don’t have a domain. Do you offer those?

Yes! We can help you research the best Domain Name and register it for you. Your Domain Name will be held in Renewal Digital’s “custody” until the lease period is up. When you have completed the lease, we will transfer the domain under your name and control.

Can I still edit my own site?

Yes. We know it’s important for you to maintain control over what your customers see. We will show you simple ways to access and update your site. We’re also available to do updates for you.

Can I set up my site for e-commerce?

We can definitely make a slick and appealing e-commerce site for your business. Let us know what you need and we’ll show you the many options.

Can you integrate with my existing website?

If you currently use WordPress for your website, we can transfer it over in just a few steps. If you use another hosting platform, we can use existing text and layouts that you like and update them to your desired WordPress template.

Ready to get found online?

We would love to talk with you about your needs for the perfect website leasing experience. Our service reps are eager to hear your ideas! Reach out to us today by phone or email so we can talk about creating the perfect website at the perfect price.