Is Divi Worth It?

Divi Theme, Website Design  |  March 8, 2022   | Ashton Principe

You’ve decided that WordPress is the right CMS for your next web endeavor. Now you’re facing an entirely new challenge. What theme and page builder combo should your entire site be built upon? Chances are, you’ve come across Elegant Themes and are wondering is Divi worth it? There is no going back after the first few pages are made, so it is well worth investing the time into choosing the proper foundation of your WordPress site.

Divi Theme Review

Divi Can Be A Theme and Page Builder

Divi is a bit different from most theme and page builder toolkits. Elegant Themes, Divi’s parent company, provides their installation as either a theme with the Divi Builder already integrated or as the Divi Builder plugin on its own. The individual plugin is intended to be used with a non-proprietary theme. Experiences do vary if one opts for the latter, that is why most users choose to use Divi with the theme and builder packaged as one. 

Adding Divi to your WordPress site is intuitive and takes little time at all. Simply download Divi from the Accounts page on Elegant Themes, head into your site’s WordPress dashboard and go to Appearance then Themes (found in the left-hand navigation.) Click “Add New”, upload the downloaded ZIP file and click “Activate.” Feel free to give yourself a pat on the back, you’ve just successfully installed Divi.

Page Building Experience

If you’re coming from a prior web design or WordPress background, then Divi should feel natural. For prior website designers, Divi’s learning curve is minimal if at all existent. A solid understanding of traditional website container structure and fluency in CSS will contribute dramatically to how efficiently you’re able to create in the page builder. 

Not experienced in web design? Fear not, Divi could still be a great option to learn and grow upon. Developing pages from scratch will take longer than an experienced web designer, but by no means is impossible. I would recommend novice web designers start with a WordPress page builder. Using Divi, users are able to edit pages in real time and physically see outlines of the containers that different elements are parented within. Such visualization serves as a great curriculum. Envisioning a website as it develops is much easier than blindly imagining the design of a page when using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

When trying to gauge if Divi is worth it, keep in mind that Elegant Themes makes page building just about as intuitive as it can be. Even if you’re not up to speed with the builder, you could always use one of their complementary templates and customize from there.

divi review

Is Divi Worth The Price?

Divi isn’t the only option out there when it comes to great WordPress page building. Elementor, BeaverBuilder, WPBakery/Visual Composer, Thrive Architect, and many more all provide a relatively similar user experience. The question lies, why choose Divi?

Divi has an outstanding pricing model. Elegant Themes provides two options, an annual license for $89 or a lifetime license for $250. Annual users have the ability to upgrade from the $89 plan to the $250 lifetime plan for the difference of $160. Either license can be used on infinitely many sites. Both include Elegant Theme’s other industry leading WordPress plugins and have access to responsive customer support. See the full feature list here. Compared to the $200 annual dollar price tag of Elementor’s most popular plan, the benefits of choosing Divi quickly reveal themselves. 

In either the lifetime or annual licensing of Divi, users are provided a responsive customer support team to help with any theme-related errors that one may encounter. Divi has a built-in feature to allow for their technical support team to remote into your website if you so choose. Using WordPress, you are bound to encounter theme-related errors. When gauging if Divi is worth it, customer support must be considered. Out of the WordPress themes I have worked with over the years, I can confidently say that Divi has one of the best support teams out there.

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The Divi Marketplace

Although Elegant Themes provides numerous page and website templates to build from, those who are seeking bespoke design at a fraction of the cost should consider the Divi Marketplace. Elegant Themes regulates the marketplace, but all products are built by third party contributors and customer support is handled through the seller themselves. Many tend to stray from preformatted WordPress themes to preserve a unique digital appearance, but in truth many of the themes available are rarely purchased as indicated by the “Quantity Sold” counter found on the marketplace listing. 

Keep in mind, when building larger scale business solutions on WordPress it is probably not the brightest idea to use a predesigned theme. However, for small personal sites or mom and pop landing pages, this could be a great alternative to spending thousands on a professionally developed site.

Is Divi Worth It To You?

Still wondering if Divi is worth it? To find more information on the theme, feel free to reach out to us at Renewal Digital regarding why we chose to use Divi for our agency. Elegant Theme’s website is another great source of information to learn more about the theme.

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Ashton Principe is a student and digital consultant at Renewal Digital. He is interested in copywriting, as well as WordPress design and development. He enjoys learning the industry looks forward to sharing his findings with others.

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