How to Write a Tagline for a Company

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Ever try summarizing the tens of thousands of hours of time invested in your business into one or two short sentences? Well, if not you’re about to embark on one of the most pivotal assets to your company’s brand. To help, follow our guide on how to write a tagline for a company and you’ll be off to the races on your next great tagline.

Taglines Must Be Distinctive

If there’s one thing anyone in business needs to understand, it’s that your brand must stick out. I know you’ve heard this thousands of times, just hold tight and we’ll dive deep into how to extend your company’s brand using a strategic tagline

Taglines are most commonly used to convey value to customers. Not everyone has time to read your mission statement, about page, or social media bios. Instead, a tagline provides a potential patron a snippet of what your business is founded upon ethically and commercially. As a result, taglines play an essential role in the memorability of your brand. Think about it, a brand needs to be representative of the values and skills of the people running it.

If your company tagline fails to stick with your audience, you’ll struggle greatly with consumer retention and will most likely face adversity in your sales and revenue. Taglines are vital to brand development and overall marketing strategy. Luckily, the below guide on how to write a tagline for a company is here to provide you with the thought process and creative techniques to get it right.

How to Write A Business Tagline

Admirable taglines are written by avoiding the mistakes all too often made. A misleading and meaningless tagline can add nothing but clutter to your brand. Remember, a tagline will convey company values and if your tagline comes across as generic, deceitful, or ineffective then what are consumers left to think of your business? I think we all know the answer.

Chances are your tagline is going to change with time. As your brand develops, so will your target audience and values portrayed. A remarkable tagline will reflect where your business is at currently and provides leeway to be altered as your brand grows. Taglines need to be short and sweet. Remember, a tagline is not a mission statement, instead it’s an indication of the positive customer outcomes a company prides itself in. Make your tagline only a few words and only one sentence. The fewer words, the better. Some of the most popular taglines are only three words. Think of Nike’s “Just Do It.” Simple, effective, and encompasses what the brand is about. Since Nike is a sportswear brand, the tagline tells you they’re results oriented, as you would expect a physical brand to be. 

how to write a business tagline

Don’t Use Cliches

When trying to figure out how to write a tagline for a company, avoid cliches. Cliches are heard everywhere. They’re not memorable and will not stick with your audience in the long term. Cliches don’t associate well with business branding since they are seen as more general expressions. Get straight to the point and navigate away from the cliches.

Another great concept for taglines is to communicate a quality about your brand that directly relates to its intended audience. For example, Verizon’s tagline “Can You Hear Me Now?” is unique and memorable, but still a common phrase that we all often say when we have a bad phone connection. 

Remember, taglines convey value. What drives customers to purchase your products or services needs to be the underlying message of your tagline. Provide emphasis on how you are able to improve a customer’s daily life. An example of a company incorporating value into their branding can be found with Walmart’s tagline, “Save Money. Live Better.” Here the customers know exactly what they’re going to get from choosing Walmart. They know that they’re going to get big savings and that those savings will then improve their life.

Tell A Story

Taglines can aid greatly in guiding customers to your business. Identify your passion in business, then encapsulate that specific purpose in terms of positive customer outcomes. For instance, Disney World connects both children and adults to blissful fun and excitement. Their tagline, “Where Dreams Come True” highlights the positive outcomes that consumers are able to enjoy from visiting the theme park. Whether nostalgia or forming new memories, Disney World conveys that their theme park will stimulate adventure filled fantasy.

Use A Play On Words

You’ve probably heard “Every Kiss Begins with Kay.” Kay Jewelers’ tagline is clever and you may not notice right away that they said “Kay” rather than “K.” This play on words sticks with consumers and helps associate the brand to creative design. However, using a play on words does not have to be as sentimental. Brands will also introduce humor and other positive emotions into their word play. Make your tagline memorable and mentally stimulating.

What to Do with Your Company Tagline

Now that you’ve crafted the perfect tagline, what do you do with it? The answer – put it everywhere that company value’s need to be displayed. Whether on a website, print media, or social media a tagline is best used to gravitate attention. Being that mediums such as these earn the attention of a potential customer for mere seconds, it’s vital that your tagline explain what your company will do to make their life better. 

Many companies choose to use their website as a primary canvas for their tagline. Including your tagline on various parts of your website such as hero sections or embedded in pages through page titles and meta descriptions are great strategies to implement. Additionally, adding your tagline to the signature of company emails will foster customers to associate your brand to its new tagline.

You’ll find that many brands pair their logo with a matching tagline.  All State Insurance uses two open hands as their logo, paired with the tagline is “You’re in Good Hands.” Their logo and tagline work in unison to convey All State’s value in securing the livelihoods of their customers. 

how to write a company tagline

Renewal Digital’s Tagline 

At Renewal Digital we faced a similar challenge in writing the perfect tagline to represent our brand. We needed something that conveyed an ease of experience in combination with the perceived benefits that customers are expecting of a marketing agency. After hours of tribulation we opted for “Marketing That Works for You™.” It is clear, concise, and communicative which are values that our entire company exists upon. The tagline also entails the benefit that our strategies work uniquely for the client. As part of our brand messaging, we needed for our pursuit of individual client success to overcome the status quo that many competing marketing agencies attest to.

I hope our guide on how to write a tagline for a company was able to provide you with some assistance in your branding endeavors. If it did, we’d love to hear from you and see what you’ve come up with. To continue supporting posts such as these, please feel free to share this article on social media and other platforms, as well reach out to us directly with any feedback or inquiries you may have. Best of luck writing your next great tagline!

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