How To Repurpose Content

Digital Marketing  |  April 26, 2022   | Evan Caulfield

It’s easy to feel stuck when learning how to repurpose content. Oftentimes, those new to content marketing put too much pressure on themselves to create perfect content for each and every post. Rest assured, this is not necessary! Repurposing strategy makes up a substantial portion of all that goes into content marketing and can save thousands of both hours and dollars. Time and diligence is needed to learn any skill, and the same holds true for repurposing content.

How To Repurpose Content?

Many believe that content becomes stale for an audience when consumed through different mediums. While partially true, repurposing allows for campaigns to appeal to various different information inputs of a specific audience. For instance, visual learners will likely engage more with an introductory video or a blog post than say a podcast. On the contrary, auditory learners may engage more with a podcast than a blog post. Repurposing content also helps with meeting web accessibility guidelines for those with impairments.

Upcycling content will capture a larger audience while also engaging with loyal patrons. Repurposing content also opens the opportunity to further establish company values and mission. Audiences are provided an inside look of your business and can react accordingly to the media presented. As a result, information is instilled into the minds of an audience.

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Recollect Content To Produce A Course or eBook

You’re likely in a content surplus if you’ve been producing marketing copy for your business. Organize and upcycle this content into a course or an eBook. In doing so, you’ll create long-form content that provides your audience nearly all the information they require. Consider adding additional activities and practical tips so that your audience has practical steps they could take to meet their growth potential.

Social Media Upcycling Strategies

How To Repurpose Content For Social Media

Audience reviews that align and resonate with your mission are great for social media content. Try implementing testimonials as captions on your pictures, post the plain text, or even make an eye-catching design. This is still original content that represents the good praise people have given your business. Testimonials on social media serve as great social proof of the success your business is able to generate.

Similar to testimonials, use statistics as content for social media. It is not recommended to try to brag about positive growth or anything similar. Instead repost researched statistics you’ve found that relate to a niche-driven topic or piece of content that has already been created.

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Best Way To Upcycle Blogs

One of the easiest ways to repurpose blog post content is to simply add additional copy to the post. Updated information can come from anywhere and should be a reflection of the additional experience your business has inquired on a topic. Read through old posts to see if you can update a statistic, industry-practice, or something similar.

Posts that have been pushed towards the bottom of your blog are likely the easiest place to start. After a blog has sat for a substantial amount of time it is normally easier to see what you can add or change within it. Adding length to your content improves its credibility to both audiences and search engines.

Turn Blogs Into Videos Or Podcasts

Turning your blog posts into videos and podcasts is quite simple. A “script” has already been developed through the post content itself, all that is needed additionally is a voice addressing each topic. Repurposing in this manner is great for accessibility, convenience, and appealing to an array of learning styles.

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