How To Make A Company Promotional Video

Video Marketing  |  April 11, 2022   | Evan Caulfield

Wondering how to make a company promotional video? Well, you’re in the right place. This guide will cover everything from the kind of content to include to how to implement it front and center on your website.

What Is A Company Promotional Video?

Before we jump into how to make a great intro video, let’s look at what an intro video is. Quite literally, it’s an introductory video that welcomes your clients onto your webpage. It’s short, direct and lets your potential clients know who you are and what your product or service is. In fact, it’s been proven that websites that have an intro video increase their sales conversions by 20%. So, how do we make a great video for our website’s homepage?

Tailor A Company Video To Audience Desires

Your website should be tailored to make your audience feel welcome. You want people to visit your site and feel like they know your brand and the purpose you have in creating your business. This all can be easily communicated with an introductory video. This should ideally be on your front page, accompanying your company tagline.

Your video should be uploaded to YouTube then synced to your website. This helps to improve site speed, in turn boosting SEO rankings. Creating an introductory video will also help give your business credibility. This is especially important when selling a product. A video helps put a name to the product. It brings in emotion and reason for the product’s existence. Customers want to know they aren’t getting scammed and are getting a product from a real human.

Promotional Videos As Engagement Tools

Videos are engagement tools. They keep your audience interested in listening to your product or service for an extended amount of time. They are a fast and convenient way to gain information about a topic.

Company Promotional Videos As Storytelling Devices

Videos are also a great storytelling device. Never underestimate the power of a great story. Remember, we’re trying to connect with our audience, elicit an emotion, and get our buyers to trust us in a genuine way. Share your origin story in video format or a time that your company helped others. Give a relatable and true story in your video and you’ll see how your website will grow with it.

Foster Brand Loyalty

Also, if you make the video compelling enough, your customers will be interested no matter what the product or service is that you’re talking about. Some of the most boring companies have the most memorable videos and commercials. Take almost any insurance company for example. Insurance is one of the most boring topics on Earth, yet these brands stay memorable as a result of their promotional videos. Geico has the talking gecko, State Farm has the scandalous insinuation that an affair is happening with Jake from State Farm, and Progressive has the quirky saleswoman, Flo. These brands stand out, not because of what they’re selling, but because of their videos.

Did you know that people stay, on average, two minutes longer on sites with videos in comparison to sites without videos? Videos are easy to make and will take you a long way in your marketing journey.

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Have A Reason And Purpose Behind The Video

Have a purpose in doing an intro video beyond what you heard that it will lead to conversions and more engagement on your page. Instead, ask yourself what you want new customers of your page to know, what you want your video to deliver, and the goal and purpose you want to communicate. This will make your video much cleaner than if you were to make one because you felt like you had to.

To find your purpose for the video, think about what you’re trying to communicate. Do you want to introduce the audience to your team? Do you want to show them your products and explain to them their function? Do you want to tell your audience about the mission and values of your brand? Find what your brand’s first impression should be and run with it.

Keep It Short And Sweet

Just like your tagline, your intro video shouldn’t drag on. It has to be long enough to deliver your full goal and purpose, but short enough to be memorable to the audience. Lengths may vary, but a 30-60 second intro video is ideal. You also want your viewers to be enticed by the video and inspired to look around your site. You don’t want to keep them on the front page for so long that they run out of desire to explore the rest of your page. Let them have a taste of your brand and then explore more at their own will.

Put A Face To The Brand

You want your company brand to be relatable in some form. This means having a humanistic quality attached to your business’ public relations channels. This is where the personal stories we talked about earlier come in. Also, showcasing your team can be great to place in the intro video. Showing the people behind the products or service makes your brand more trustworthy and reliable to viewers. Again, this gives credibility to your brand and an honest point of view to it. This can be done in many ways. One of the best ways is showing candid clips of your team working. These can often be where the most relatability is found.

Don’t Use Auto-Play

Let your customers decide if they want to watch your intro video or not. More often than not, if they’re on your site, they’ll want to watch your video to learn more about your brand. A video is a compelling feature that curious people will click on. However, when your video is set to auto-play, your clients may be more annoyed with the sudden video, rather than happy at the informational creativity within it. It’s like reverse psychology, by not playing the video, it makes your customers more interested in it and seeing what it’s about. Trust in the power of your video on its own.

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Quality Matters

Remember, this is your customer’s initial introduction and first impression of your website, so don’t skimp out on quality. Research how you can have the best audio, resolution, and lighting for your budget. There are cheap ways to produce great videos out there, you just have to search around a bit. You don’t even need high quality equipment. People have shot all sorts of high-quality videos on just their iPhone. Price doesn’t matter, but quality does. Don’t give your clients a headache from blurry footage and crackling audio. According to a study done by Brightcove, 62% of customers are more likely to have a negative experience associated with a brand if they view a video that is of poor quality. Make sure that you don’t lose customers with bad video quality.

Keep The Promotional Video Creative

Have fun with your intro video. You want to showcase your brand’s spirit with the video you show. Show your passion, your creativity, and what your brand is known for. Having a video that is unique to your business can help people remember who you are and what you’re about.

Choose An Appropriate Resolution

Full screen videos and partial screen videos are each great in their own unique way. Decide the effect you want to elicit from the customers that watch your video. With a full-screen video, your customers may be more immersed in the experience and they may not want to look around at the other parts of your homepage while it plays. A partial screen view can allow your customers to browse through the other copy on the homepage while they listen. Think about if you want an attention commanding video or a more audio-heavy video that doesn’t need to be actively watched.

Integrate A Video Into The Website Design

If you can seamlessly incorporate your video into the layout of your website, customers will click on it in their process of scrolling through your site. This will especially happen on mobile devices. You can incorporate your video by having a color scheme that matches up with your homepage or a specific font for your title of the video that aligns with the rest of your website’s page.

End With A Call-To-Action

Ending with a call-to-action (CTA) in your intro video is vitally important. A CTA will let your audience know where to go next. After the video ends, they’ll see a button and will likely be drawn to click on it just because you mentioned it in the video.

An introduction video is a great way to connect with your new customers, create an inviting opening webpage, and bring a bit of humanity into your brand. The statistics don’t lie with this tool. An introduction video can only help your business. Just remember to not put it on auto-play.

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