Why Hire A Digital Marketing Strategy Consultant?

Digital Marketing  |  April 7, 2022   | Ashton Principe

Hiring a digital marketing strategy consultant can be one of the most profitable endeavors that your business makes in online advertising. In hiring a seasoned specialist, your business is provided years of experience, trials, and tribulation at a fraction of the cost of what hiring an in-house employee would be. Although digital strategy consultants tend to have a higher hourly or per project rate, their work will likely generate a respectable return on investment.

What Is A Digital Strategy Consultant?

Digital marketing strategy consultants are hired as an external specialist to build or assist in campaign strategy, design, and implementation. Normally, a consultant will have what are known as T-shaped skills. You’ve likely heard “a jack of all trades is a master of none”, hence where the need for T-shaped skills has grown from. Specialists learning the industry in this manner become hardened experts in one (maybe two) niches of digital marketing, then branch out to other areas to help generalize their knowledge.

For instance, a beginning consultant may be interested primarily in SEO for ecommerce websites. After mastering the niche by consistently generating replicable success for multiple businesses, the consultant may begin to look for additional topics to learn. This could include SEO for non-ecommerce businesses, and perhaps even PPC. Of course our example consultant will be strongest in ecommerce SEO, but will have related extensions to their skillset.

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What Does A Digital Marketing Strategist Do?

Oftentimes business owners may be confused as to what a digital marketing consultant actually does. Many believe that the range of service stops at just campaign planning and guidance. Although important, consultants do much more than this. When handed the reins of a project, consultants can lead teams, perform the labor themselves, and see their work through until desired results have been achieved. The scope of service that a strategist is able to provide is based on their own skill set, the amount of client involvement, time allowance, and budget constraints.

Work performed by a digital marketing strategist can vary from niche to niche. An individual or business specialized in WordPress web design is going to be able to provide more industry expertise than say a consultant specialized in PPC. Chances are, a strategist consultant exists for any digital marketing service your business may need. Whether SEO, web design, branding, lead generation, etc. there is likely an expert out there who has the solution and skillset to deliver the growth your business is looking for.

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How To Hire A Digital Marketing Consultant

Arguably the most challenging aspect of acquiring consultant services is hiring the right person for the job. Too often “consultants” claim to be industry experts in any niche you may mention simply to close the sale. Only after working alongside the consultant does the business owner realize that they hired an unqualified specialist. Always refer to the specialist’s portfolio and discuss the thought process behind work displayed. If the specialist’s answers are unconfident and lackluster, chances are you’re dealing with someone who gets lucky from time to time and/or is not as experienced as they claim to be.

Choosing The Right Digital Marketing Strategy Consultant

Finding the right person or firm for the job does not have to be so difficult. Prior to reaching out for quotes and scheduling on-boarding calls, decide on the specific services that your business needs. Narrow your search by finding out what a typical scope of service looks like, as well as key qualifications needed by a consultant. Any specialist who is worth your time will advertise and promote their services to match the kind of qualifications you are looking for. Upon finding these individuals or firms, work through some of their portfolio pieces with them to understand their thought process. As mentioned prior, if their answers do not seem as intelligent as their rehearsed claims, then you are likely dealing with someone who is not prepared to take on your project. Conversations do not have to be harsh, but you should be thought-provoking to pick the consultant’s mind on why work was done the way it was. At the end of the day, remember that there are thousands of individuals more than happy to take on your project. If a consultant is pushing and prodding for additional work, they are likely not going to be worth the investment. Stick to what you know about the services your business needs and don’t fall into the sales trap that many “consultants” have excelled at developing.

Work With A Leading Strategy Consultant

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