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Internships, RP  |  July 8, 2021   | Ashton Principe


Yet another great week with Renewal Digital, continuing to learn and grow as an intern has been rewarding nonetheless! This week Evan has begun to introduce me to vital digital marketing tools, such as ChatBots, and has been thorough in explaining their effect on consumers. I have also found myself growing more familiar with the atmosphere of working remotely and truly appreciate the productive, comfortable nature of Renewal Digital. 

New ChatBot Service

The Future of ChatBots

To begin, digital marketing is on the rise. Embracing the connectivity of the internet to convey a brand and its product work seamlessly together. Whether it be through a thoughtfully designed website through Renewal or introducing consumer-exciting features such as a chatbot to a pre-existing site, customers become increasingly attracted to a business. Most of my time this week has been spent working directly with Renewal’s new ChatBot service.

Interact with the Renewal Digital ChatBot on our Facebook Page

Personal Contributions

Suggesting adjustments to the automated conversation “flows” in order to increase the fluidity of the ChatBot, I have begun to learn how creating personable, yet commercial conversations with clients leads to an increase in sales. I personally believe automated congenial experiences such as ChatBots are the future of the digital marketing space. To think, people are naturally social and being able to create a “verbal” connection automatically is not only going to grab the attention of a potential client, but out compete competitors who offer more traditional formats for inquiries. Digital marketing is unquestionably heading this direction and I am excited to familiarize myself with such media. 

Learning Hands On

Being able to learn marketing in such a hands-on fashion has been nothing but beneficial to myself as not only an intern, but as an individual seeking to grow in the marketing field. I have found that this learning style in combination with the atmosphere of Renewal Digital will foster my ability to create effective marketing, such as the mentioned ChatBot service, in the future. 

Work Atmosphere

The atmosphere of Renewal is incredibly different than what I am familiar with. Having worked customer service jobs for the past few years, I am used to tiring extended shifts, washing my uniform each night, and very unconventional working conditions. At Renewal, my time is spent doing work I genuinely enjoy with a great team behind me to support when need be. I am encouraged to suggest and implement my thoughts and ideas into areas where applicable and I receive beneficial feedback as a result. Decisions are made in collaboration with others and lead to stunning results. A work environment such as that of Renewal’s is appealing to many and has been great thus far in supporting me as a growing intern.


Between exploring digital marketing and the atmosphere of Renewal Digital, I have found myself comfortable in a field and position where I am loosely experienced. I believe growing comfortable with a company is one of the beginning steps to becoming as impactful as possible and I am grateful that Renewal has made the opportunity available to me.

Ashton Principe

About the author

Ashton Principe is a student and digital consultant at Renewal Digital. He is interested in copywriting, as well as WordPress design and development. He enjoys learning the industry looks forward to sharing his findings with others.

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