Best CRMs For Small Business

Digital Marketing  |  May 5, 2022   | Ashton Principe

Customer Relationship Management For Small Business

A CRM can save your business. Here’s how.

Choosing the right CRM platform for your small business is no easy task, but is essential for promoting a solid marketing strategy. Gauging where your business is now, and where you hope to be in the next year, five years, and out will help choose the right CRM.

best crm for small business

Best CRM For Small Business

HubSpot CRM

One of the best free small business CRMs out there is HubSpot. Through an easy to use interface and scalable functionality, many businesses would be hard-pressed to not have their needs met with this CRM. HubSpot CRM is a lightweight online platform that integrates into the rest of the company’s primer product lineup. Whereas many other CRM software sell additional features with hefty price tags, HubSpot offers a preliminary lineup of tools starting at just $45 a month. Best of all, HubSpot has a clear upgrade path that keeps you paying for the features you’ll actually use.

More of the Best CRMs For Small Business:

Zoho CRM

When in search for a CRM for small to medium sized businesses, Zoho might just be the perfect fit. Through an extensive feature list, many will be happy with Zoho’s growth path for years to come. Offered in two different tiers, Zoho CRM and Zoho Bigin, business owners are left to choose the right tool and features to meet their budget. Both the full-fledged Zoho CRM platform and Bigin have free tiers to try out the software, with upgrade pricing starting at $20/per user per month and $7/per use per month, respectively.

Less Annoying CRM

Prefer the simple things in life? Less Annoying CRM is for you. This CRM software comes with a full-suite of features that minimize the learning curve and promote engaging with customers. Not to mention, Less Annoying CRM has one of the best pricing models out there. 15/per user per month. No upgrades, no confusing plans, just more time spent growing relationships with your customers.


If you have plans to start small then scale to an enterprise level corporation, Salesforce is likely for you. Salesforce has had their name in the CRM game for decades at this point and dominates the corporate level market. With an industry-leading set of features, this CRM really is the Rolls Royce of the market. Unfortunately, a heavy price tag keeps many from using the platform. With the entry level plan starting at $25/per user per month, it is quite easy to have a Salesforce bill more expensive than your mortgage.


Like Salesforce, Pipedrive is a sales-focused CRM minus the hefty price tag. A clean UI with all the features that many could wish for helped put this CRM software on the list. With Pipedrive, the learning curve is fairly simple and many businesses will find themselves up and running within just a couple of weeks. In terms of pricing, Pipedrive doesn’t force an upgrade for essential features like that many other platforms do. With their entry-level plan starting at $15/per user per month, this sales CRM fits right into the middle of the market.

best small business crm

Best Small Business CRMs

Hopefully our list of the best small business CRMs helped to clarify what has become a clouded market over the past few years. Ultimately, choosing software that has brought success to others in your niche will be one of the most surmount factors in getting your CRM right on the first go around.

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