About Us

Partner with Renewal Digital to achieve an internet image that improves your brand and makes you stand out from the competition. We want to help you become more successful and prosperous in your online advertising efforts. Our goal with all of our clients is to drive more traffic to your website and to help you turn those visits into sales.

Save Money and Boost Your Internet Presence

You don’t have to bust your marketing budget to get a quality internet presence. On the contrary, we will get you positive results while also helping you to save money. With Renewal Digital, you’ll have a few website packages to choose from. This includes our proprietary package, Build Website Business™ (BWB), which gives you everything you’ll need to easily create and maintain your own website. In the end, you’ll get a professional website for as much as half of the cost.

What To Expect

Renewal Digital prides itself on providing our customers with exceptional SEO services in Raleigh. You can also expect to give your input throughout the process from concept to creation. We are strong listeners who have your best interest at heart. You can expect us to work as hard for you as we would ourselves. We will take the time to get to know you, your staff, and your business in order to help you succeed online.

Let’s roll up our sleeves and work together in order to:

  • Set plans and goals for your business online.
  • Develop a strong internet marketing plan.
  • Identify challenges and create a strategy to overcome them.
  • Apply methods to build your brand.
  • Build a strong customer list.
  • Make long-term plans for continued growth.

Here are a few of the services that we offer:

  • Custom WordPress Websites
  • Do-It-Yourself Website Tool Kits (for the budget-conscious we offer our proprietary Build Website Business™)
  • Website Marketing
  • Content Creation/Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing (Local, Regional, and National)
  • Internet Consulting

Enjoy and Learn From the Experience

There will be no stress in the creation or maintenance of your website when you partner with Renewal Digital. Renewal Digital is all about allowing you to keep control of the process by equipping you with the knowledge and tools you need to make updates or to add fresh content to your website.

About Us

Renewal Digital began in the mid-1990s at the time in which the internet was greatly increasing in popularity. Originally known as Cybermed Marketing, Inc., we have continued to grow and excel as an internet consulting and web design firm.
Our corporate office is in Fuquay-Varina, NC, a short drive from Raleigh.


Our CEO, Evan Caulfield, has decades of experience in internet marketing, branding, sales, and operations. He also has lots of technical skills in web design and project management. Since becoming a web designer, he has excelled as a WordPress Expert. His expertise is in helping start-ups move from being newbies to becoming mainstays in their industries. As a marketing guru, Caulfield knows how to convert website visitors into customers.

"I just love helping businesses create their web presence by scratch with their idea on a "napkin" and  creating a brand and Internet presence that will allow them to grow to multi-million dollar companies."

Our Team

We are a team of visionaries and innovators who dare to dream. We are not afraid to believe the impossible or to stretch our creativity. If you want to partner with high-achievers who thrive on deadlines and getting the job done, we are the right web design team for you.

Don’t delay. Contact us today to get a step closer to improved search engine positioning, more impressive branding, and increased sales. We offer a FREE consultation for any potential customer. Call us today at (919) 230-2969 or email us to schedule an appointment with our founder and CEO, Evan Caulfield.

Hi, I'm Moraima Mom of two amazing kids ??, I’m a Jr. Frontend Developer and WordPress Support Specialist, I love to help clients find the best solution to their needs.



My passion is to create graphics and design websites in Divi Themes. I love working with our Renewal Digital team, we all work well together!



I have been working over 8 years in graphic design. I use Adobe applications, like to create website layouts, logo’s, graphic and marketing materials. I enjoy working with all my team members.